From screen to offset to digital printing, implementing latest technologies in the fields of pre press, printing, colour proofing, dot printing etc. Srinivas Fine Arts (P) Ltd to fulfill every particular requirement and demand of our clients and has created remarkable capacity to enable us to serve and meet with highest international printing standards.
Offset Printing
Our printing services ensure the highest quality of customized printing outputs. SRINIVAS FINE ARTS (P) LTD has a huge capacity for sheet fed jobs comprising of single colour, two colour, four colour and five colour CPC (Computerised Print Control) technologies. Machines come from a number of top manufacturers like Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102, Speedmaster CD 74 (6 Colour with Coater UV and Conventional Combination Process) Komari, Planeta, HMT, Sakurai, Miller, AKIYAMA etc thereby providing a complete solution for your printing requirements.
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 (6 Colour with Coater UV and Conventional Combination Process)
  • This six colour machine prints at 18,000 sheets per hour on 605x740mm sheets of thickness 0.03mm to 0.8mm.
  • It has got an In-Line doctor chamber technology coating system which can be used for full (or) spot coating of Aqueous/UV/Blister and scented coating solutions.
  • UV-interdict dryers are provided between all printing units and after the coating unit.
  • This machine can handle all sorts of printing jobs including metallic / holographic laminated sheets, foil boards, drip - off varnish effect and printing a wide range of substrates that includes paper, Board, PP and Polyester sheets with caliper ranging from 0.03 to 0.8mm.
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 Four Colour with Perfector
  • Quality consistency is assured irrespective of Human Intelligence by PRINECT IMAGE CONTROL.
  • Prints 16 page imposition jobs at 13,000 sheets per hour.
AKIYAMA 40 RF Four Colour Perfecting Press
  • Connected with Densitometer to measure online sheets to quality assurance.
  • Print possibility of 16 pages imposition both side multi colour in one pass at 13,000 sheets per hour.
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