PDRC (Product Development & Research Centre)


Our production process begins with the concept and design stage. Skilled designers work in customizing designs for the products with the help of the latest technology. A team of experienced creative heads, graphic designers, content writers, and proofreaders will ensure that we deliver world-class products from our creative studio at Chennai.




Our production process begins with the prepress stage. The Prepress department is equipped with not only the latest state-of-the-art technology but also a talented team in the printing industry. You can rely on our experienced prepress team to ensure that your print project is set-up to provide optimal results. Using the most innovative technology available, our dedicated professionals ensure a seamless process to prepare customer files for high-quality printing.



In preparation for the next stage of production, printing paper is transported from our warehouse.

The paper is then transferred to our state of the art machines for the processes of sheeting and stacking, once this is complete the paper proceeds to printing.

SRINIVAS FINE ARTS (P) LTD., has a massive capacity for various format print jobs comprising of single, two, four, and eight digital color presses. Our facility houses some of the most sophisticated printing equipment in the world.

The AKIYAMA 40 RF Eight Colour Perfecting Press from Japan, Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 Six colour UV press with Coater are some of our presses. The sophistication of machinery and the amount of care that is put in at every step ensure that we create the finest print for our customers.



Book Block Processing


The Perfector presses allow advanced printing, following which the printed sheets are folded and taken to the book sewing facility, where book blocks are created. Cutting edge automatic book sewing machines like the Italian made Meccanitecnicas’ Magix Line are used. These machines are equipped with Signal X cameras at each gathering station, which automatically reviews page sequence and other details of production.

Aster 220C Automatic Book Sewing Machines (3 nos.) are connected to the Magic Line for automatic sewing with 21 stations online gatherer. It has a speed of 220 cycles per minute and can store up to 30 different sewing programs. It is also equipped with Signal X Camera from Meccanitecnica.

Case Making


For hardbound books, we use the latest case making technology with machinery like KOLBUS Casemaker DA 280 and Horauf BDM-20 R for round-cornered covers. These are fully automated machines that produce a wide range of bookcases, files, calendar backs, etc.

Once the bookcases are ready, book blocks are fed into the world’s most advanced KOLBUS BF530 machine, which handles all the high tech features involved in book manufacturing.

Hard Cover Line


Bookbinding was once a tedious manual labour. Today, we have highly sophisticated automation for bookbinding that assures accuracy, precision, and attention to detail. The time of production is drastically reduced while not compromising quality.

Perfection in book block production is achieved by machines like the German Sigloch 70 cycle book block manufacturing line.

We are one of the first three in the World to install the latest Kolbus Hard Cover Line. It is an automatic bookbinding machine that transports the product from block to finished book along with world-class Sigloch Book Processing Line of 70 books per minute speed.


Soft Cover Line

kolbus perfect binder

We use advanced book production machines like KOLBUS KM600 for the production of Perfect Bound products.

We are one of the first three in the World to install the latest Kolbus Soft Cover Line. It is an automatic book binding machine that transports the product from block to finished book along with world-class Sigloch Book Processing Line of 70 books per minute speed.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Management System spots the errors early in the feeder, the printer, and the folder and ensures that the machine's output is error-free and flawless. There are high-end cameras fitted at the appropriate places to monitor and machine control on visual display monitors—this equipment adds-on support to ensure high-quality products. For instance, the Signal X camera detects error forms, if any, and automatically rejects it, thus keeping it error-free.

Touch screen monitors are used across all our machines to help us visualize and control production to the minute detail.

Image controller technology used across our machines assures quality consistency and leaves no room for error.

The web enabled enterprise resource planning software used in the organisation allows us to keep track of projects across all departments.

Packaging Machines

The packaging is another area where we have established our prominence. We produce premium, customized packaging for our clients. BOBST made Spanthera Autoplaten Press is one of the latest packaging technologies that is utilized at our production unit.

An advanced window patching machine is used for specialized processes.

MISTRAL - FOLDER GLUER is a unique technology we use to complete the folding and gluing of the punched cartons. Catering to some of the world’s most famous brands, SFA is a leading name in the packaging industry.

Brausse Machine

Spanthera 106LE Machine

Window Pasting Machine

Mistral 110 Machine

Our Facilities Include

  • Forklifts are used for greater efficiency and safety.
  • Our specially designed warehouses provide a safe storage for our products until dispatch.
  • For seamless production, we have incorporated complete centralized power backup and compressed air supply at our factory.
  • At SFA, we consider our employees our most valuable assets. We continuously strive to keep them updated in the latest developments in the industry through training and guidance programs.
  • Our Specially Designed Warehouses Provide A Safe Storage For Our Products Until Dispatch.
  • For Seamless Production We Have Incorporated Complete Centralised Power Backup And Compressed Air Supply At Our Factory.
  • We Meet The International Standards In Providing A Safe And Conducive Work Place To Our Employees.
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