Books & Stationery

Hard Cover

Hardcover binding is sturdy and durable. All our important diary products are designed with Hardcover options. These books are strong and can endure daily usage with relative ease.

Soft Cover

Softcover binding thin and soft like the paperback covers. Our planner, catalogs, some rare type of diaries come with a softcover. These books are lighter and comfortable to port around.

Spiral Notebook

Writing Pad

Saddle Stitcher

Lockable Notebook

Our Annual Capacity:

Hard Cover Books : 13 Million

Soft Cover Books : 17 Million

Saddle Stitched Books : 35 Million

Section Sewn Signatures : 164 Million

Paper Back Books : 17 Million

Folded Signatures : 180 Million

Wiro : 1.75 Million

Our Printing

Our Annual Capacity:

Printing Impressions 6c with Coater : 45 Million

4/4 : 45 Million

2/2 : 65 Million

1/1 : 130 Million

Web : 60 Million

Our Features

Index Cut
Corner Clip
Round Back
Round Corner
Edge Gilding
Square Corner
Elastic Band
Spine Emboss
Corner Perferation

Our Annual Capacity:

Edge Glided Books : 2.3 Million

Corner Rounded Books : 1.5 Million

Corner Perforated Signatures : 22.5 Million

Indexed Books : 1.6 Million

Spine Embossed Covers : 2.4 Million

Metal Cornered Covers : 6.4 Million

Handmade Products : 1 Million

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