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Our Annual Capacity:

Die Punching (Sheets) : 49.5 Million

Folder Gluer (SL Boxes) : 360.6 Million

Lamination (Sheets) : 15 Million

Rigid Boxes

Our Rigid Boxes are made with sustainable materials and are very durable. High-quality printing is done on them with intricate embossing and foil stamping, thus making our product the best in the market. Our product can be from simple to complex with an elaborate structural design plan, which enhances your products’ brand value.

Paper Bags

Our Paper Bags are durable and add value to your products’ brand value with our multiple colors printing technology, which closely follows the design color provided to us.

Mono Cartons

We provide cartons in a single color and with additional packaging design to ensure the package is robust and secure and also enhance the product within it. Each piece is done to perfection with great control and precision to avoid errors of any kind.

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